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Do you need a car transfer, shipping from Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Holland, Belgium, Italy, France, Spain, Austria, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania? Place a charge free post on auto-loads.com website for car transporting companies, and you will receive quotes to transport.

Companies and residents from Germany, Poland, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia have been shipping cars via auto-loads website for twelve years already.

Finding transport is very easy. You just need to set pick up location and delivery location, leave your contact details and car transporting companies will contact you to offer a car transport service. You will agree on delivery terms, payment terms, shipping price, shipping documents and the car will be delivered to the desired destination.

Auto-loads does not charge any commission from the shipper for this service. Car transport companies pay an annual or monthly membership fee to search for work for their car trucks via the auto-loads car transportation platform. Therefore, the cost of transporting the car is only an agreement between the shipper and the carrier.

The Auto-loads platform also publishes available car transporters. If you find the right one for you, contact the carrier.

If you are a car transporting company, sign up to auto-loads website and find work for your trucks.

If you are buying cars from abroad to UK, publish your cars on the auto-loads website and car transporting companies will offer you transportation services.